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  • London
    • Metaphor "And mark in every face I meet marks of weakness, marks of woe"
      • The people are marked by the government/ Prime Minister and also by which class they're in
      • The people are physically and mentally influenced by the poverty created by the government. They are depressed and unlikely now to challenge the governments/ laws/ expectations
      • It increases the suffering already experienced due to poor sanitation and overcrowding
    • Juxtaposition "How the chimney- sweepers cry every black'ning church appalls
      • Children were 'expected' to sweep from a young age- increases suffering/ chances of lung cancer/ burning/ death
      • Even poorer children gained no sympathy
      • Emphasises injustice
      • People began to loses faith in churches/ god because of the terrible conditions/ could be damage from conflict/ threat of war increase tensions
    • Alliteration and Metaphor "The mind forged manacles"
      • The poverty/ governmental rules/ expectations hold them back
      • They lose the ability to think/ have hope/ rebel/ express opinions and become nothing more than 'machines'- just functioning rather than living
      • The depressive circumstances gradually infiltrate into their brains
      • Emphasises the class divide/ suffering of the poor
    • Oxymoron "And blights with plagues the marriage hearse"
      • The governments control/ dominance is like a plague over the poor
      • Marriage/ funerals- juxtaposed- 2 significant events in the lives of the poor- no joy inbetween
      • Children were not expected to survive and life expectancy was short


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