Locarno Treaty 1925

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  • Locarno Treaty 1925
    • Called partly because of failure of the Treaty of Versailles.
    • 7 European countries met in Locarno, Switzerland. (Belgium, UK, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Italy & Poland) and wanted to discuss permanent peace.
    • Nations treated Germany as a friendly nation for first time since WW1
    • Stresemann was Germany's representative.
    • Locarno Treaty used to build a good relationship between France and Germany.
    • Stresemann wanted to relationships with all countries.
    • Re-issued statement of German responsibility for WW1
    • Worked building relationship with France.
    • Important so Germany could build up strong imports and exports which would give them a strong economy.
    • German people were upset with re-announcement that Germany were solely responsible for WW1
    • Stresemann believed it was a small concession for a potential big economy gain.


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