William Blake: Little Girl Lost and Little Girl Found

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  • 'Little Girl Lost' and 'Little Girl Found' by Blake
      • Ten Stanza's in total
        • First two verses are the prologue by the bardic narrator
          • Stanza's 2-10 alternate between third and first person
            • First person: confessional lyricism
            • Third person: objective observation
      • All verses are five lines long
        • AABBB/CCDDD/EEFFF etc...
          • Trochaic Trimater
      • Trochaic Trimater
      • Linear Narrative Structure
        • Set-up, Conflict, Resolution (Little Girl Found)
      • Sexual Maturity
      • Adolescence vs Childhood
      • Parents Protection
      • Utopian Universe
      • Bardic/Prophetic/Chorus
    • QUOTES
      • 'desart wird' to 'garden mild'
      • 'seven summers'


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