Limestone chemistry

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  • Limestone
    • Thermal Decomposition
      • Calcium carbonate in limestone decomposes when heated
        • Calcium carbonate------.> calcium oxide and carbon dioxide
          • CaCO3-->CaO+CO2
    • Carbonates
      • Calcium carbonate reacts with Hydrochloric acid to form C02, a salt (calcium chloride) and H2O
      • Adding Hydrochloric Acids makes Chloride salts
      • Adding Nitric Acid makes nitrate salts
      • Adding Sulphuric Acids makes Sulphate salts
    • Cycle
      • 1. Limestone (calcium carbonate) add heat
        • 2. Makes Quicklime (calcium oxide) with CO2 given off
          • 3. Add water to make Slacked lime (calcium hydroxide)
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    • Acid Rain
      • Acid reacts with calcium carbonate to produce a salt, CO2 and H2O. Salt is soluble so dissolves in the acid rain
    • Uses
      • mixed with clay and heated forms cement
      • cement mixed with sand to make mortar
      • cement mixed with sand and aggregate makes concrete


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