Life Development: Childhood

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  • Life Development: Childhood
    • Physical
      • 4/5 years: Dresses themselves. Drawing more complicated
      • 8/9 years: Body movements become smoother. Sports skills develop. Handwriting instead of printing of letters
      • 10+: Good gross motor control. Writes for long periods with good speed
    • Intellectual
      • 4/5 years: Talks clearly. Uses basic grammar.
      • 8/9 years: Can tell the time. Knows date and has understanding of time in future
      • 10+: Interested in world affairs. Improvement in Maths & English
    • Emotional
      • 4/5 years: Feels proud of achievement; helps to develop high self-esteem
      • 8/9 years: Needs approval of others. Tends to worship (hero). Likes to show individuality
      • 10+: Seeks more independence    Understands honesty & fairness.  Understands relationships of others
    • Social
      • 4/5 years: Plays with other children. Become more competitive. Games linked to gender.
      • 8/9 years: Tends to play with same sex grous
      • 10+: Attitudes and opinions of peer group become important. Same sex friendship


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