Lennie Character Analysis

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  • Lennie
    • Lennie is treating unequally to George, he speaks for Lennie and the boss even thought George was having Lennie's pay- "why don't you let him answer? What you trying to put over?"
    • He is a grown man but acts and has the characteristics of a child eg/ Listens to whatever George says, feels guilty if he does something George wouldn't like.
    • Excited like a child when Slim says he can have one of the pups. Slim says "He's like a kid ain't he"
    • Slim says that Lennie is the strongest guy he has ever seen
    • Lennie only sees the good in people and doesn't realise when people are taking advantage of his good nature.
    • Very strong, George go him off the girl in weed by hitting him with a fence panel.
    • Hides the puppy under his top like a child would.
    • Lennie got angry about the thought of someone saying he would hurt the rabbits.


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