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  • Lennie
  • "He hung loosely"
  • He acts in an animal manner: "snorting into the water like a horse."
  • He can be a bit strange: George- "What do you want of a dead mouse anyways?" Lennie- "I could pet it with my thumb whilst we walk along."
  • He can be quite forgetful: "I ain't gonna say nothing... I ain't gonna say nothing... I ain't gonna say nothing..."
  • He can be very sensitive: "Lennie's lip quivered and tears started in his eyes."
  • He is very strong: "I pinch their heads a little, and then was dead."
  • Bad at speaking English: "because they was so little."
  • Can be childish: "If you don't want me I can go off in the hills and find a cave."
  • He copies what George does: "Lennie, who had been watching, imitated George exactly."
  • "Wriggled his fingers so the water arose in little splashes." Lennie- "Look George. Look what I done."


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