Later Adulthood

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  • Later Adulthood
    • Physical Changes
      • More susceptible for disease
        • Cardiovascular
        • Arthritis
      • Reduction in vision and hearing
      • Metabolism decreases
      • Wrinkles
      • Increased likelihood of injuries following falls
      • Decreased motor and fine skills
      • Loss in muscle mass and bone density
        • Decreased strength
      • Decreased mobility
      • Hair loss/ baldness
      • Decreased stamina
      • Decline in performance of body organs
    • Deterioration of Health
      • The ageing process is the natural deterioration of the body
      • Deterioration in cognitive ability
        • Influences how the individual processes information
        • Recall of information, memory, and decision making
      • Deterioration in mobility and balance
        • More likely to suffer falls
        • More likely to gain injuries from falls
      • Deterioration of senses
        • Results in poor sight and hearing
      • Height loss
        • Due to changes in posture and compression of the discs and joints
      • Diseases
        • Cardiovascular disease
          • Heart attack
          • Chest pain
          • Causes death due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain
        • Parkinson's disease
        • Alzheimer's diseases
        • Nervous tissues
          • Blood flow decreases
          • Nearby bones overgrow and puts pressure on the nerves
          • Osteoarthritis
            • Inflammation of one or more joints, knees, hands, or hips


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