Language Techniques

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  • Language Techniques
    • Description
      • Create imagery
      • Very enguaging and involving
      • persuasive
      • simile and metaphors
        • Very vivid and effective
        • Create a mood and emotion
    • Facts and opinions
      • Support a writer's point of view or arguement
      • Bias and opinions
    • Rhetorical Questions
      • imply their own answer
      • enguage the reader
      • make a point more powerful
    • Repetiton/ list of three
      • emphasises the writers purpose
      • prove memorable as well as persuasive
    • Different tones
      • Formal tone can add authority and sound authentic or sincere
      • An informal tone can add warmth and fun
        • Can be persuadsive
    • Humor
      • enguage with the reader as it envokes a response
      • Makes the writing enjoyable to read
    • Quotations and evidence from expert sources
      • provide support and create added authority


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