Language Devices: Pathos, Logos and Ethos

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  • Language devices: Pathos, Logos and Ethos
    • Logos
      • Appeals to the readers logic
      • Examples are the use of statistics, data and facts
      • How it is used in persuasive writing
        • Makes the reader think "that's plausable"
        • Backs up facts with statistics, making the argument seem more convincing
    • Pathos
      • Appeals to the readers emotions
      • Examples include anecdotes, emotive language, metaphors and similes
      • How it is used in persuasive writing
        • Used to emotionally engage the reader
        • Makes the argument seem more personal, so people are more likely to side with your point of view
    • Ethos
      • Appeals to the readers ethics
      • Examples include quotes from experts, facts and statistics
      • How it is used in persuasive writing
        • Makes your arguments seem credible
        • If quoting an expert, it makes the argument seem more reliable
        • Makes it seem as though others agree with your argument, so readers may side with you




Very easy to understand, and great for GCSE English Language!



what dose this mean becuase im getting confused becuase an ethos is a impolsive ********* ??



A logo is a mark or sign used to identify something. There are many different types of logos. One type is a brand logo. A brand logo is designed to represent a company's product or service. Another type of logo is a trademark. A trademark is similar to a brand logo but identifies a specific person rather than a business. A third type of logo is a servicemark. A servicemark is a logo that represents a company's services.

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