Language Devices: Pathos, Logos and Ethos

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  • Language devices: Pathos, Logos and Ethos
    • Logos
      • Appeals to the readers logic
      • Examples are the use of statistics, data and facts
      • How it is used in persuasive writing
        • Makes the reader think "that's plausable"
        • Backs up facts with statistics, making the argument seem more convincing
    • Pathos
      • Appeals to the readers emotions
      • Examples include anecdotes, emotive language, metaphors and similes
      • How it is used in persuasive writing
        • Used to emotionally engage the reader
        • Makes the argument seem more personal, so people are more likely to side with your point of view
    • Ethos
      • Appeals to the readers ethics
      • Examples include quotes from experts, facts and statistics
      • How it is used in persuasive writing
        • Makes your arguments seem credible
        • If quoting an expert, it makes the argument seem more reliable
        • Makes it seem as though others agree with your argument, so readers may side with you



Very easy to understand, and great for GCSE English Language!

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