Early Modern English SPAG

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  • Language Change Over Time
    • A- Archaic Spelling Patterns
      • U/V interchange
      • Random capitilisation
      • I/Y/J interchange
      • Appended final 'e'
      • Doubling of consonants
      • Compounds not yet closed
      • Alternate vowel pattern
      • French influence
    • B- Archaic spelling patterns and language change concept
      • Johnson's 1755 dictionary not yet published
      • Spelling inconsistency
      • Lack of standardisation
      • Semantic shift
      • Foreign influence (especially French)
    • C & D- Archaic Grammatical/Punctuation Patterns
      • Inversion of negative verb phrases
      • Random capitalisation
      • Second person familiar pronoun 'thou'
        • 2nd person present tense verb inflection 'est'
      • Adverbs not marked with the 'ly' ending
      • Auxiliary/ dummy 'do'
      • Absence of possessive apostropes
      • Semi-colons and colons used in place of commas/full stops
      • Subordination and multi-clausal sentences
      • Use of the subjunctive mood.
      • Present tense 3rd person verb inflection 'eth'


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