Landforms of deposition

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  • Landforms of deposition
    • Beaches
      • Swash aligned - waves breaking parallel to shore
      • Drift aligned - beach pro-grades to become parallel to max drift (LSD)
      • Zeta - combination of both
    • Berms
      • At back of beach by strong spring high tide. Large boulders below set of ridges marking lower high tide = Berms
    • Runnels &Cusps
      • Material carried down beach, drain water off beach.
      • Semi circular depressions. when swash and backwash strong, junction of shingle and sand.
    • Spits
      • narrow land one end on mainland rest to sea. LSD until break in coastline or shallow water. wave refracts = end curved. Sand and shingle
    • Bars
      • if spit develops with no strong water from landward side = sediment reach across other side
    • Dunes
      • accumulation of sand shaped by wind
      • Embryo dunes - colonise grass growth upwards= stabalisation
        • Growth up = Fore dunes - only reachable by storm tides.
          • Dunes become fixed and organic layer develops. improved nutrients = more colonization
            • Dune slacks develop (water table near surface) behind yellow and grey less sand
    • Salt Marshes
      • Sheltered estuaries or behind spits. Silt and mud. Vegetation develops "Halosere"
      • pioneers develop vegetation develops over mud slowing tides too.


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