Lady of the House of Love revision quotations

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  • Lady of the House of Love
    • Sexuality
      • "a white neglige stained a little with blood"
      • "blonde, blue-eyed"
      • "he has the special quality of virginity"
      • "To ride a bicycle is in itself some protection against superstitious fears"
      • "power in potentia"
      • "And I leave you as a souvenir the dark, fanged rose I plucked from between my thighs"
    • Fairy tale references
      • "Fee fi fo fum I smell the blood of an Englishman"
      • "Be he alive or be he dead I'll grind his bones to make my bread"
      • "A single kiss woke up the Sleeping Beauty in the wood"
      • "curiouser and curiouser"
    • Setting
      • "melodramatically creaking hinges"
      • "at last the revenants became so troublesome the peasants abandoned the village..."
      • "now you are at the place of annihiliation, now you are at the place of annihiliation"
      • "industrious spiders have woven canopies"
      • "black satin"
      • "burial ground"
      • "Too many roses"
      • "how thin and cheap the satin, the catafalque not ebony at all but black-painted paper stretched on struts of wood, as in the theatre"
    • the Vampire
      • "the beautiful queen of the vampires"
      • "her voice is filled with distant sonorities"
      • "her hair falls down like tears"
      • "she likes to hear it announce how it cannot escape"
      • "her beauty is a symptom of her disorder"
      • "queen of night, queen of terror"
      • "her life or imitation of life"
      • "But now she is a woman, she must have men"
      • "chatters distractedly to put them at their fatal ease"
      • "When she takes them by the hand and leads them to her bedroom, they can scarcely believe their luck"
      • "stark white face"
      • "whore's mouth"
    • Change
      • "inevitable tarot"
      • "Can a bird sing only the song it knows, or can it learn a new song?"
      • "Next day, his regiment embarked for France"


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