Labour Constituional reforms 1997-2010

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  • Constitutional reforms 1997-2010. (Labour)
    • Rights
      • Reforms: HRA (1998) - European Convention on Human Rights part of UK Law. Freedom of Information Act (2000) - greater access to information.
    • Devolution
      • Reforms: Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly established (1999)
      • Frustrated or incomplete reforms: Proposals for regional assemblies was dropped in 2004
    • Decentralisation
      • Reforms: Elected mayors in some English authorities eg. London
      • Frustrated or incomplete reforms: Only 12 local authorities adopted mayor model
    • Electoral reform
      • Reforms: New electoral systems for devolved assemblies
      • Frustrated or incomplete reforms: No action on electoral reform for Westminster which proposed Jenkins Report (1998)
    • Parliament
      • Reforms: All but 92 hereditary peers removed from the House of Lords
      • Frustrated or incomplete reforms: Unable to agree next stage of House of Lords reform and limited reforms to House of Commons.
    • Judiciary
      • Reforms: Supreme Court started in 2009. Removed judicial role of HoL. New judicical appointment system. Changes to role of Lord Chancellor.
    • Participation
      • Reforms:  Referendums on devolutions and mayors. Political parties, Elections and Referendums Act (2000) regulate conduct of parties and elections.
      • Frustrated or incomplete reforms: Other referendums on electoral reform and EU constitution shelved (Conservatives carrying out AV voting system in 2011)


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