Lab experiments

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  • lab experiments
    • favoured by positivists
      • quantitative data
      • easily controlled and replicable- can establish cause and effect
      • high internal validity
      • objective
    • practical issues
      • uses small sample sizes- not useful for researching wide scale phenomena such as voting
      • expensive- specialist equiptment and location
      • cant be  used to study the past
      • not possible to control all variables that may influence behaviour
    • ethical issues
      • lack of informed consent
        • argued may not be necessary- result in hawthrone effect
          • Elton mayo0- presence made workers act differently
        • eg/ milgrams research
      • deception
        • eg/ milgrams research
      • participant harm
      • theoretical issues
        • not favoured by interpretivitsts
          • not qualitative, subjective data
          • cant gain versthein
          • artificial, unnatural behaviour
          • not real life environment
          • prefer field/ comparative method


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