La Haine - Why Black and White and The Issues Raised

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  •  Unemployed, bored, uneducated- their economic status, age, and demeanour allow the authorise to single them out as troublemakers 
    • Why Black and White
      • Archive footage
      • Connotes Bleakness- lack of compassion and emotion
      • Creates distance between the film and real- life and places it in the realm of self-conscientious cinema
      • Evidently Kassovitz sees things in  black and white, which might explain his choice of striking monochrome print
    • Issues Raised
      • Police Brutality
      • Criminal Justice  System
      • Cultural Alienation - don't belong personongartic (People without  status)
      • Social Deprivation - Stealing, drug money
      • Unemployment
      • Conditions of Public Housing
      • Representation of young people in the media


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