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  • Korea: origins of the war
    • Origins
      • China
        • Until 1905 China claimed ruling over Korea
      • Japan
        • For forty years Japam ruled over Korea via a brutal dictatorship
      • Important people
        • Doctor Syngman Rhee
          • Christian who spoke English
          • In 1905 left to the USA to advocate the need for an independent Korea
        • Kim Song JU
          • Moved to china while was young and learned Chinese
          • He joined the Chinese communist party and took the name KIm ILL sung
          • Led a guerrilla group against the Japanese from 1932-40
            • Fled to the soviet union and became a battalion commander in the Soviet Army.
    • Division of Korea
      • Soviet troops poured into northern china and into korea and into the Korean Peninsula
        • American troops called for a halt at the 38th parallel which the soviet
          • Two koreas were formed
      • South Korea
        • USA was less prepared
          • Very few people who could
          • Untitled
        • Rhee was leadet as proven to be the most effective politicians
        • Democratic with and elected assembly
          • Syngman rhee won the election
            • However many left wing parties refused to run
      • North Korea
        • Ussr was better prepared with
          • Several thousands of Koreans serving in the soviet red army ready to take government positions
        • Land was redistributed to peasents
          • 800,000 land owners fleed across the 38th parralell


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