Kinetic Energy - GCSE P4

Revision material for Kinetic Energy on the OCR 21st Century Science P4 specification.

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  • Kinetic Energy (KE)
    • Anything that's moving has kinetic energy
    • An object's kinetic energy depends on both its mass and speed
      • The greater its mass and the faster its going, the bigger its kinetic energy
    • Kinetic Energy (J) = 0.5 x mss (kg) x velocity^2 ([m/s]^2)
    • To increase something's KE, you need to increase its velocity
      • The only way to increase an objects velocity is to apply a force to it
    • Kinetic energy is just movement energy
      • Anything that's moving has kinetic energy
    • If an object doesn't accelerate, thenyou haven't increased its KE


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