Studland Bay

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  • Studland Bay
    • Description
      • South-West of England
      • Formed between two headlands.
        • Provides sheltered area from highly erosive waves.
      • Sand dunes
      • There is a heathland which is an SSSI and nature reserve.
    • Wildlife
      • Reptiles
        • Adders, grass snakes.
        • Thick, scaly skin to reduce water loss.
      • Plants
        • Marram grass
          • Long roots to stabilise itself in the beach
        • Lyme grass
          • Waxy leaves to avoid water loss by transpiration.
      • Birds
        • Grebes
          • Feet are far back to allow them to dive into water to get food.
    • Problems and Solutions
      • People walk over sand dunes which erodes them.
        • Boardwalks are used to guide people over dunes.
      • Heathland is an important habitat.
        • At risk of damage due to fires caused by cigarettes.
          • Visitors are educated on the dangers of causing fires.


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