Keyhaven Marshes

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  • Keyhaven Marshes, Hampshire
    • salt marsh protected from erosion by Hurst Castle Spit
    • salt marsh = accumulation of mud and silt. as grows bigger, colonised by salt-tolerant plants
    • Species
      • Plants
        • cordgrass
          • pioneer plant, tolerant of salt water
        • sea lavender
          • found when soil fertility and salinity improves
      • Birds
        • oystercatcher
          • feeds and nests in salt marshes
        • ringed plover
          • feeds and nests on saltmarsh
      • Butterfly
        • common blue
          • found on higher marshes
      • Spider
        • wold spider
          • clings to sumberged stems of cordgrass waiting for low tide and food
    • Reasons for being under threat
      • saltmarsh retreating up to 6m per year
      • storms have breached Hurstcastle Spit which protects marsh
      • increased number of leisure users: parking, trampling, pollution
    • Sustainable approaches to salt marsh management
      • rock armour and beach nourishment
      • known as a national nature reserve. area carefully monitored and managed


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