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  • Key Vocabulary
    • First Instance- A court which hears cases for the first time-(trials)
    • Appealate- A court which only hears appeals.
    • Quash- Replace the conviction with an acquittal.
    • Leave- permission to appeal-either from the court hey are in OR the court they wish to appeal to.
    • Affirm- To uphold (support) the conviction
    • Beyond reasonable doubt- The standard to which criminal cases must be proved.
    • District  Judge- A full time professional who sits in the Magistrates court instead of lay magistrates in some busy courts
    • Jurisdiction- Having Authority to hear a case.
    • Mode of trial- An inquiry in front of mags to work out which court will hear a "triable either way" offence
    • Remanded-Applies to people who are not granted bail and are instead kept in custody


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