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  • Key Quotes
    • Marriage
      • Wof B
        • 'For my profit and myn ese'
        • 'I loved him best'
        • 'Experience thou noon auctoritee'
      • R
        • 'I don't know any business you have to think at all ... you will promise to forget this fellow'
        • 'Very sorry- but 'business' prevents its waiting on her'
        • 'Give me your promise to love and marry her directly'
    • Money / Wealth and Status
      • WofB
        • Wife vs 'Prioress' etc
        • 'Thou art so loothly and so ooold ... so lough a kinde'
      • R
        • 'But is she rich, hey?'
        • 'What, and lose two thirds of her fortune?
        • 'Simpleton'
    • Deceit
      • R
        • 'Wear a mask of silliness with a pair of sharp eyes under it for my own interest'
        • 'I think I have seen the hand before
        • 'I should not be paid so well, if my hero knew that Delia was near fifty, and her own mistress!'
      • WofB
        • 'Hadde hem hoolly in myn hond ... hadde me yeven al hir lond'
        • Midas
          • I wolde han tolde his conseil every deel'
        • 'That in the floor I lay as if I were deed'
    • Older/Young
      • 'Let him object if he dare'
      • Contrast in views on relationships, education
        • 'were for myn profit and myn ese'
          • Trade off idea
        • 'Soon have them taught the black arts'
    • Fashion/Bath
      • After breakfast we saunter on the parades or play a game of billiards
    • Sex
      • WofB
        • 'Gat-tothed'
        • 'Scarlet reed'
        • 'Hir hipes large'
        • "I wol use myn instrument as freley as my Makere hath it sent"
      • R
        • "Have you behaved disrespectfully to my niece?"
    • Education
      • R
        • 'Soon have them taught the black arts'
        • 'mispronounce words so shamefully as girls usually do'
        • "This is the natural consequence of teaching girls to read!"
      • WofB
        • 'Of cloth making she hadde swich an haunt'
        • 'Hadde passed many a straunge strem'
    • Other
      • Woman want 'wayte thing we may nat lightly have'


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