Macbeth Act 2

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  • Act 2
    • the complication
      • tension mounts and momentum rises
    • 'Duncan is to blame for his own death'
      • agree
        • he trusted macbeth after being betrayed
          • 'he was gentleman, whom i build absolute trust'
      • disagree
        • taken advantage of  by other characters
          • 'we love him highly'
            • he is too generous
    • Shakespeare introduces macbeths state of mind before and after the murder of Duncan
    • Scene 2
      • Lady Macbeth
        • 'That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold'
          • shows that she is a strong woman
            • unlike jacobean audiences would be used to
      • Macbeth
        • 'I have done the deed'
          • he does not say it out loud what he has done
            • shocked himself that he went through it
        • 'Macbeth does murther sleep'
          • he is describing a recent dream about the murder
            • he is regretting it
    • Scene 3
      • repeated 'knocking'
        • draws attention to it
          • as king duncan is not responding to the knockings
            • causes worries
      • King Duncan is found dead in his room by the porter
        • the guards are accused and executed for the 'deed'
      • Macduff
        • 'ring the alarm bell'
          • simple sentences
            • indicates urgency
    • Scene 4
      • Ross discusses recent unnatural events with old man
        • Macbeth crowned king
          • Macduff will not attend coronation
            • Macduff is suspicious of the macbeths




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