Judaism (uncompleted)

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    • Torah
      • Contains 1st five books of bible
      • Written in hebrew - Laws
      • Early Histroy
    • Pesach
      • Passover meal
        • salt water- tears shed
        • roasted lamb-passing of Angel of Death
        • Bitter herbs - bitter/sour times of slavery
        • Charoset mortar used to build bricks
        • Matzvah:unleavened bread- no time to let it rise
        • Egg; new life
      • remember how jews left slavery behind when lead out of Egypt with Moses
    • Brit Milah
      • Circumcision ceremony performed when a Jewish boy is eight days old.
        • Placed on elijah's chair. Performed by mohel while sandek holds the baby
      • covenant and sacrifice for 8 day old boy
      • outward sign of participation. 1st rite of passage
    • Moses
      • born during hebrew slavery brought up by Pharoah's daughter as a Prince.
      • needed to tell hebrews who gog was
      • Burning bush and Ten plagues
      • Ten commandments
      • Crossing of the Red Sea. Walk to freedom.
    • Abram- Abraham
      • covenant with God for children, great nation,blessing to world
      • father of many nations (new name)
      • Son with Hagar- Ishmael
        • sarai/sarah 99, bore a son-isaac
    • Kosher
      • Noah and the food laws.
      • Meat- animals chew the cud, cloven hooves
      • Fish- fins+scales. Poultry: no birds of prey or carrion birds.
      • Teifah: opposite of kosher, means torn
      • obedience to God
    • Shema
      • well taught,well remembered, well handed down, part of every-day life
      • Jews observe 613 mitzvot -commandments
    • Symbols and signs
      • Tallit- scarf with 4 corners, 613 fringes tzitzit
      • Tefillin - boxes with verses of torah.
      • Mezuzah: verses of shema are kept inside.
    • Bar Mitzvah
      • 13th birthday, recites torah father prays barach shepatrani. boy wears tallit and kipper
      • after bar Mitzvah boy must;follow ten commandments,pray often,take part in synagogue and Minyan.
    • Shabbat
      • no work, time with family, special meal, study torah and synagogue
      • Friday evening- Saturday sunset
  • Shabbat
    • no work, time with family, special meal, study torah and synagogue
    • Friday evening- Saturday sunset




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