James Callaghan's Premiership 1976 - 1979

A short summary of James Callaghan's premiership. 

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  • James Callaghan's Premiership 1976 - 1979
    • Plagued by union troubles
      • 68% rise in days lost to strikes
      • Fireman's strike, Grunwick photographers, Ford motors, lorry drivers
      • Unions become more militant
    • Should have called an election in '89 but waited on too long
    • Winter of Discontent
      • Strikes organised to attract media attention; bodies unburied, rubbish uncollected
      • Callaghan refused to acknowledge a crisis; Sun headline "Crisis, what crisis?"
    • Relaxed style of leadership was at odds with Thatcher's dynamism, which was, perhaps, seen as what Britain needed


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