English Literature IGCSE - The Play "Journey's End" - Possible exam questions

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  • It all seems rather- silly, doesn't it? Does Sherriff encourage you to agree with Raleigh's observation?
    • Yes
      • Osborne's conversation with Raleigh
        • Told that the Germans helped/allowed British souldiers to get their wounded fellow
          • They then however, blew  up each other's trenches.
      • The last scene where Raleigh is woulded and Stanhope stayed with him in a dugout
        • Raleigh died with no honour or proud
          • Stanhope  used words that refer to Raleigh as being small and young, as if he was a baby
            • Reminding about tehi past together
              • Could be a metaphor
                • Soldiers die but their existance was just a tiny part of the whoel world
                  • Not worth dying like that
      • Irony
        • Despite condflicts between the socila classes/ the war itself
          • Everyone died at the end of the play anyway
            • Pointless conflict
      • The raid
        • Not worthy doing
          • Osborne died
            • Huge impact/consequence on Stanhope and Raleigh
              • Worse in relations
          • Got only one German, but he was young and new, so didn't know a lot
        • The raid was during the day light
          • They are more exposed than if they would have had the raid duting the night
      • Hibbert being hysterical
        • He was ready to die to just get out of the war
          • The war is so bad, it breaks people mentally
          • No way out
            • Even if they win and come back home, they would probably have a mental disorder for the rest of their life
              • SPTD
      • Some soldiers were joking about the war
        • Black humour
          • Silly to joke about death
          • For some it was a coping mechanism
    • No
      • Stanhope's conversation with Hibbert
        • They fight for their country
          • Patriotism
          • If they would try to leave, they would become a coward
          • They all in it together
            • "The Band of Brothers"
      • Raleigh's first conversation with Osborne about him and Stanhope
        • To;ld how Stanhope made him feel proud and keen about being at the war/ being a hero


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