Issues with Planned Strategies

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  • Issues with Planned Strategies
    • Planning can cost time and money
      • Easy to get caught up trying to plan perfect strategy - practically impossible ????
    • Will gradually become out-of-date
      • E.g. if strategy is planned every 5 years, 3 years into implementation, environment could have changed
      • Difficult to adapt a planned strategy to a changing environment
    • Senior managers planning the strategy could be out of touch with what is really happening in the business
    • Could require input of many people, each with specific skill set
      • Change these people only understand their own contributions and not see the bigger picture
    • Could be too detailed & theoretical
      • Might not focus on how to implement the strategy in practise
    • Managers can become too concerned with analysing data and making sure everything is going exactly to plan
      • Strategy can become too rigid
        • Stops people being creative & innovating
    • Senior managers implementing strategy could be too busy to fully oversee everything
      • If tasks are delegated down to people without authority, things could be trickier to implement


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