Israli music

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  • Israeli folk music
    • Hava Nagila
      • 2/4 or4/4 time signature
      • a bass part plays crotchet beats
      • a chorded instrument plays off beat
      • fast sped up tempo
        • accelerando during the piece
      • melodies played on clarinet, violin and accordion
        • articulation including grace notes, pitch bends, slides, accents
    • Klezmer
      • popular form of folk music in current times
      • influenced by European music
      • instrumentation
        • clarinet, violin, double bass guitar, accordion
      • melody is based on types of maqam- a system of melodic modes or scales
      • homophonic texture
      • strong syncopated rhythms for dance music
    • Folk
      • mix of Palestinian instruments (oud, doumbek)
        • aren't used as much
      • European influences (accordion, guitar, clarinet)
      • minor tonality
      • syncopated rhythms
      • improvisation and free rhythms
      • heterophony texture
      • chords based on maqam
      • irregular time signatures
    • Background
      • Jewish people from across the world emigrated to Israel during the 20th century, bringing their musical traditions from the communities they came from.
      • influences from Europe, Africa, Asia and middle east
      • variety of instruments from different cultures.
        • woodwind, brass, percussion such as accordion, clarinet, acoustic and bass guitars
        • middle eastern instruments including kanun, oud, doumbek and tambourine
      • Israel has a very complex and difficult history thats had an influence in the evolution of their music


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