Religion - Is it fair?

Attitudes to women, attitudes to prejudice and discrimination

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  • Is it fair
    • Prejudice and Discrimination - Christians
      • Discrimination is created when prejudice combined with power. Prejudice is not illegal however discrimination is illegal.
      • Christian attitudes to Prejudice and Discrimination
        • Teaches that everyone is equal, prejudice and discrimination unacceptable, 10 Commandments give guidance on living in peace with others.
        • \Martin Luther King worked against discrimination, did non-violent protests and led The Civil Rights Movement. He suffered bad, house bombed. He was shot in the head on 4th April 1968.
      • Attitudes to women - Christianity
        • Many people believe Christian Church is sexist, it doesn't treat men and women the same. Some Churches have recently begun to allow women to be priersts or ministers, some people disagree and believe that women are second to men, the men should lead and women should follow.
    • Prejudice and Discrimination - Judaism
      • Jews believe everone is equal and should be treated well. Humanity is made in the image of God ,accept Jews fro all nations and races. Everyone is from Adam and Eve and should be given the same amount of respect.
      • The Holocaust was when Jews experienced prejudice and discrimination, Jews were treatred really bad and killed by Hitlers leadership in the 1930s and 1940s, 6 million Jews were killed.
    • Attitudes to women - Judaism
      • The Tenakh ( Jewish Bible) describe different roles for men and wmen. Women have to bring up children, run the home and bring their children up as jews. Women pass on Jewish values. If women is a Jew, child is a Jew. Women have to light the Shabbat candles. Judaism may be sexist  (some people believe this). Women can't take an active part in the Orthodox services worship.


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