Religion - Is it fair?

Jewish and Christian teachings, keywords

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  • Is it fair?
    • Key words
      • Authority - Right or power over others, e.g a priest or a set of laws.
      • Discrimination - treating people differently because of their race, religion, gender or class. This i wrong in religion as everyone is part of an amazing creation.
      • Equality - being treated the same, religious believers say we're all equal in God's eyes
      • Identity - personality and character of a person, everyone has their own identity, we are unique
      • Injustice - stopping someone from having they're human rights. e.g being put in prison with out a trial first.
      • Prejudice -  judging someone without evidence, religious people agree that others should treat others as they wanna be treated.
    • Ways to protest; prayers, holding vigils, collecting money, fasting, organising compaigns, pressuring the government
    • Civil Disobedience -  non-violent actions, refusing to pay taxes, blocking a roadway, picketing or marching with signs.
    • Christian Teachings
      • Showing others you care is a basic duty, helping others you're following Jesus, if you fail to do religious duties you fail God, kind thoughts and actions are as important as giving money, Jesus said you should love your neighbour.
      • Christians run soup kitchens, shelters, counselling sessions and build and run hostels
      • Christian Aid - A Christian Charity, help people in need no matter what!
        • Wants to help people who are poor and hungry, works through churches or other charities, sends money rather than goods, aim is for the poor to help themselves
          • Can give people blankets, food, transport
    • Jewish Teachings
      • Give a 10th of their money to poor (tzedaka - the name of the action), money is owed to poor if not given they're robbing them, poor people should give something, Jews have collection boxes called pushkes, Jews make sure any excess is given to poor, wrong to let yourself become poor.
      • Gemilut Hasadim - giving of loving-kindness - gemilut hasadim can be given to the rich and poor, gemilut hasadim can be given through money or assistance.
      • Tzedek is a Jewish Charity.


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