Is Industry Fair?

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  • Is industry fair?
    • Yes
      • More equality for women.
        • Don’t have to rely on a man
          • Can earn money so can be more independent.
        • Women have more jobs in developing countries
          • Can work in sweatshops, and get a better pay than on a farm.
          • Don’t have to rely on a man
            • Can earn money so can be more independent.
          • Able to support their families
        • Able to support their families
      • Fair Trade
        • Good pay
          • Gets rid of the middle trader
        • Better conditions
          • More money coming I need to afford these things
        • Partnerships
          • Allows producers to know where their product is
    • No
      • Sweatshops
        • Bad conditions
          • Injuries
          • Poor standard of product
            • Low wages
            • Punishment
              • Injuries
        • Dangerous
          • Not much space to move around
          • Cheap unsafe buildings
          • Few fire exits and might be blocked so no quick escape
          • Don’t meet health and safety standards
        • Overcrowded
          • If one person gets ill, everyone gets ill.
        • Long hours
          • Tiredness
          • No social life
          • Results in punishment of not up to the correct standards
        • Low pay
          • Don’t get much money for the hours they work.
        • Underaged workers
          • Young people are being pressured into working in terrible conditions
          • Don’t receive an education
          • Tiredness and illness occur
    • Yes and no
      • Globalisation
        • Unfair trade
          • People not earning the right money
            • Poverty
        • Anti-social behaviour
          • No talking with everyone on technology
        • Pollution
          • More factories are adding to pollution
        • Improved transport and communication
          • More trade
          • More products for people to buy
            • More money
          • Easier to move around
      • TNC’s
        • More investment
        • Provision of good equipment
          • Better quality of product
        • More employment
        • Profits go overseas
        • Managerial jobs filled by foreign workers
        • Decisions are made elsewhere
        • Low wages




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