Biology - Invertabrates

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  • Invertibrates
    • Arthropod characteristics
      • A hard exoskeleton - skeleton on the outsise rather than on the inside
      • A segmented body - their body is in sections
      • Jointed legs
    • Arthropod groups
      • Insects, 6 legs
      • Arachnids, 8 legs
      • Crustaceans, 10 -14 legs
      • Myriapods, 20+ legs
    • Other invertibrates
      • Annelids - segmented worms with soft bodies, segments give it a ringed appearence.
      • Nematodes - Tiny thin worms without segments, many species are free-living, but others are parasites causing disease, like hookworms.
      • Molluscs - usually have a broad muscular foot and may also have a shell. Examples include snails, squids, slugs and octopuses.


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