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  • Introduction, Powers and ideas
    • USA dominance in Asia
      • Japan
        • On the second of September 1945General Douglas Maccarthur acceted Japanese surrender
          • This occurred through the usage of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima (6th August) and Nagasaki (9th August)
        • General Douglas MacArthur became the new ruler of Japan
      • China
        • China was devastated by an 8 year war with Japan
          • The corrupt government of Chiang Kai Sheik was heavily dependent on US support
        • China was effectively a US satellite
          • It's army had US instructors attached
            • Only the communists in the northwest of china h
        • Shifting Balance of Power
          • Us backed regime was defeated by Mao Zedong
      • France and Britain
        • The French empire had been crippled during the war, with France having to recover from former occupation
          • The French tried to reassurt their control over Indo China
        • Britain and it's empire became broke  and exhausted
          • It needed a large degree of funding from the USA
    • USSR
      • 1950
        • increased soviet influence in Asia
          • Us backed regime was defeated by Mao Zedong
        • Broke the monopoly of the Atomic Bomb in 1949
        • Millitary power had increased with 2.6 million compared to the 640,000
      • 1945
    • USA
      • 1945
        • The USA's economy grew by leaps and bounds
          • USA Physical grew by 50%
          • USA's GNP grew from $88 ibillion in 1939 to $135 billion at 1945
          • The US owned 2/3 of the worlds gold reserve and half of the world manufactured goods
        • USA's military power
          • 69 armed forces
          • Monopoly of the Atomic Bomb
          • 1000 B2 bombers
      • Domestic Policies
        • Red Scare
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