introductiojn pease and conflict

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  • introduction
    • islam
      • the main message of islam is one of peace and harmony
        • god has created everything and humankind has the responsibility to ensure that everyone lives correctly
          • this doesnt include fighting unless it is self defence or defence of  the faith
          • god has given the gift of the ability to make choices - if people choose to fight without just cause it isnt God's fault
      • there is an emphasis on peace in the Qur'an - the word islam comes from "salam" which means peace or safety
        • "the servants of the Lord of Mercy are those who [...] reply with words of peace
      • Just is one of the names of God - God provided the laws because they help people to bring about justice on earth
        • if there is injustice, it is the fault of mankind and should not be ignored
      • forgiveness is an important element in living peacefully - god sets the example regarding forgiveness by offering forgiveness to those who are truly sorry and who ask in faith
      • minister laurent fabius said "we also have to win the peace" during conflict between his country and mali, 90% of which are muslims
    • Christianity
      • the christian church speaks out against killing and the teachings of Jesus don't support it - many christians disagree with war and try to prevent it
        • but christians have been prepared to fight for their country or their faith
      • peace can come through faith through prayer and meditation
        • in the old testament, the prophet isaiah looks forward to a time when God will bring peace
          • "[he] will settle disputes for many peoples" "nation will not take up sword against nation"
      • christians believe that God will judge between nations - the ultimate judge
      • justice linked with inequality
      • forigiveness is important for living peacefully - forgiveness should follow what is done to correct the wrong
        • actions to establish peace and justice should follow forgiveness
      • quakers believe that peace, forgiveness, justice and reconciliation are important alternatives to war - quakers committed to pacifism


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