Internal Barriers to Fieldwork

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  • Internal Barriers to Fieldwork
    • "Not much issue with behaviour because they want to go, but then to plan a fieldtrip you often have to do an entire year group"
    • "staff need to be out supervising students at lunchtime"
    • "The main issue with fieldwork is time, ... You can lose half your day doing fieldwork even if you are just taking them across the road"
    • "I hated residential trips; at some point you just want to come home"
    • "different pressures for different year groups"
    • "It’s also what’s manageable in terms of staff and working on ratios of staff to student"
    • "The risk that I worry about more is the kids with special needs or allergies"
    • "There are certain students who I have not taken on field trips in the past because of their behaviour"
      • "the sheer number of things that need to be done"
    • "There is an issue at KS3 that you effectively have to include every child in the year group"
    • "every time those trips go out it has an impact on the curriculum and you are losing students from your class "
    • "Trying to manage the other end of fieldwork, the analysing and presenting of data particularly when you have a massive range of abilities from mathematical skills"
    • "Its also keeping our own subject knowledge up to date "
    • "There is this brilliant ideal that doesn’t map up to an hour lesson and timetable"
    • "because its rare that we go and do fieldwork, to get them past it’s a jolly "
    • "They are not used to being outside for 5 or 6 hours outside in the cold working, so attention span is small"
    • "We are then limited in what we can take the kids out to do"
    • "we have only just got a new minibus, if there were two minibuses a class could go out somewhere local for a lesson"
    • "One of the big ones is anxiety and the number of kids with anxiety "
    • "You build up the lesson before and then a lesson debrief so fieldwork takes a lot longer than just the hour you are out with them"
    • "There is always something else to do"
    • "puts pressure on the school curriculum because they miss lessons in other subjects and our SLT are not keen for that"
    • "As far as money is concerned you can only ask parents for a voluntary contribution"
    • "there are not enough teaching geography teaching staff for the number of students we take, some of them will have teaching staff that don’t know anything about what we are doing so their experience will be quite different"
    • "there needs to be a greater awareness of the benefit of it and a greater appreciation of that across the school rather than just within our own department"
    • "If you have not planned your trip at the beginning of the academic year, you are unlikely to be able to take your trip out"
    • "Triple science means students get far fewer options than they used to"


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