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  • Law
    • For a law career you would have to have excellent time management so that you would be able to meet and prepare for any deadlines
    • Skills needed
      • You would also need to be good at communicating so that you would be able to have the most efficient exchanges with clients
      • It would also help if have good problem solving skills as you would often have to work out how to pacify any concerns clients may have
    • Skills I already have
      • I am good at working in a team so I think this could help me when collaborating with colleagues on any shared tasks
      • I can be quite empathetic so I think that this would make me good at listening to and attempting to understand clients
      • I think I would suit this career as I am very hard working so I would be willing to go above and beyond me to reach solutions
    • My interest
      • I am interested in law because I have always been resolute in giving advice to those around me so I think I could help even more people if I can advise them on the law
      • I have also always been interested in criminal law as I find the idea of justice and morals potentially conflicting each other very interesting
      • The idea of international law and human rights also interests me as I have always wanted to protect and work with some of the most vulnerable groups in society


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