Institutional Aggression

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  • Institutional Aggression
    • AO1
      • Importation Model
        • Irwin & Cressey
          • People who enter prison already have values and attitudes predisposing them to aggression
            • Institutional aggression not a product of institution itself but the characteristics of violent individuals entering into prison
              • Three Subcultures
                • Criminal Subcultture
                • Convict Subculture
                • Conventional Subculture
                  • Filled with one time offenders who reject both other subcultures
        • Real Life Example
          • Attica Riots
            • Many inmates came from poor socio economic backgrounds gang membership common
              • 54% prison population were black as were the vast majority of the rioters themseves
        • AO2
          • Supporting Evidence
            • Kane & Janus found greater periods of unemployment and lower level of education were correlational with greater likelihood of aggression while imprisoned
              • DeLinski studied prison records of 832 US male inmates in order to address prison violence records of inmates in gangs
                • Found small but significant relationship between gang membership and prison aggression
                • Deprivation Model
                  • AO1
                  • Sykes
                    • Characteristics of prison itself account for violence in prisons
                      • Experience of imprisonment causes extreme stress and frustration leads to violence against other inmates and prison staff
                        • Sykes' Three Factors
                          • Deprivation of Liberty
                            • Means that the prisoners are morally rejected by society
                          • Deprivation of Auutonomy
                          • Deprivation of Heterosexual Relationships
                  • Real Life Example
                    • Strangeways
                      • Inmates subjected to deprivation
                        • Complained of poor living conditions like overcrowding, lack of excercise and showering facilities
                          • Caused stress & frustration leading to violence against officers and inmates
                  • AO2
                    • Supporting Evidence
                      • McKorkle found overcrowding, lack of privacy & meaningful activity in prisons influenced institutional aggression
                      • Light found as overcrowding in male prisons increases, so does violence levels
                        • McKorkle found overcrowding, lack of privacy & meaningful activity in prisons influenced institutional aggression
                        • Adds validity to deprivation model showing deprivation of liberty lead to aggression in an institution
                    • Not Conclusive
                      • Poole & Regoli found among male juvenile offenders in four different institutions, pre-institutional aggression best predictor of inmate aggression
                        • Regardless of how crowded it was
                          • Findings reduce validity deprivation model as an explanation of institutional aggression
                            • By suggesting pre-existing factors main cause of institutional aggression
    • AO1
    • IDA


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