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  • Inspector Goole
    • "One person and one line of enquiry at a time."
      • Allows focus on each character during their interrogation
        • Audience has time to process for full emphasis of each characters' actions
      • Metaphor for how no one person is more important than any other
        • Class does not give the Birlings the power to change order
          • Only Goole has that power - suggests nonhuman background
      • Demonstrates the mostly linear structure of the play
        • Sybil and Eric are the only exceptions
    • "Never forget it." [He looks at each one of them carefully.]
      • A warning - he will punish them if he has to
      • Imperative verb "never" shows Goole's dominance over the situation
        • Undermines Arthur
        • Defines Goole as imposing, interrogating, and intimidating
      • Stage direction "looks" shows he is putting pressure on the characters
        • Goole is strong and willing to dominate other characters
      • Adverb "carefully" builds tension onstage as it shows he will expose all their sins
        • Apathetic at times - Goole is imperfect
    • "Public men have responsibil-ities as well as privileges."
      • Priestley uses Goole as a mouthpiece to criticise how the rich and powerful neglect their duties to the poor
        • Reflects Priestley's socialist views
      • Frank criticism of Arthur's carelessness and dismissive attitude towards others
        • Undermines Arthur
    • "We don't live alone." + "We are all members of one body." + "We are responsible for each other."
      • Highlights their collective social responsibility
        • Demonstrates which characters have undergone character development + taken on Goole's message
      • Collective pronoun "we" emphasises how society should support everybody, not just the rich
        • Emphasises Priestley's socialist views
      • Metaphor comparing society to the human body
        • Each social group is like an organ


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