Innocence - Great Expectations

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  • Innocence - GE
    • Not innocent -
      • Miss Havisham
      • Young Pip - parents died, committed crimes
      • Estella - ambiguous
        • first encounter with Pip she is not innocent, however on her final encounter when she reunites with him she may be wanting to return to innocence through Pip.
        • She is also not innocent because she has been manipulated by elders - Jaggers wanted to "save", Molly and Magwitch's child
      • Jaggers - constantly washing his hands & can be connected to religion: "I wash my hands of this mans guilt" - Pontius Pilot
    • Innocent -
      • Young Pip - stole the file for the convict because he knew no better and was vulnerable and naive
      • Pip - downward trajectory from stealing file.  His innocence is corrupted by events and people as he grows up.
      • The Little Pockets
      • Child-like adults: Aged P, Joe, Wemmick's playful ways, Biddy
      • Magwitch - is seen as morally innocent in the novel, Pip has a positive view of him.  Was unfarily treated in court - "Among the wretched creatures before him who he must single out for special address was one who almost from his infancy had been an offender against the laws." (Chapter 17 Part 3)
        • Acted as a gentleman in court in his response to the judge - was very noble and spoke well etc
        • Might be condemned in England but could go to Heaven with his soul saved due to partial innocence
    • Not 'knowing'
    • Not guilty


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