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    • micro organisms causing damage to body tissue
    • symbiosis benefits human not harm MO
      • Commensalism benefits MO doesnt harm human.
        • pathogenicity benefits MO & harms human
          • opportunism benign MO becomes pathogenic- lies dormant and seizes opportunity.
            • 4 stages of clinical infectious disease process 1.incubation 2.prodromal 3.invasion 4.convalescence
              • 4 stages of infection= 1.colonisation 2.invasion 3.multiplication 4.spread
                • 1.bacterial 2.viral 3.fungal 4.parasitic & protozoal
              • Fever- pyrexia NOT a failure of the body to reg temp. The body temp is being regulated at a higher level than normal.
                • exogeneous pyrogens- outside host.
                  • Endogeneous pyrogens- produced by individual
    • counter measures .infection control .antimicrobials . immunisation
      • 1.bacterial 2.viral 3.fungal 4.parasitic & protozoal


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