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  • Incidents
    • Breakdowns
      • If warning lights comes on panels instrument
        • Stop and investigate problem
      • If tyres burst, hold steering wheel firmly, pull up slowly to a side of a road
      • Breakdown on a motorway: Get on hard shoulder
        • Call help from emergency telephone
      • If you break down on level crossing
        • Get all passengers out+away from crossing
          • Only move your vehicle if the officer tells you to do so
    • Safety in tunnels
      • Remove any sunglasses and switch on dipped headlights
      • Keep a safe distance from vehicle infront
      • If an incident occurs
        • Switch off engine
        • Put hazard warning lights on
        • Call for help immediately at nearest telephone point
      • If vehicle sets on fire
        • Drive it out of the tunnel if possible
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    • Warning others of an incident
      • If you have a warning triangle- place it 45 metres away- never on a motorway though
      • Hazard warning Lights
        • When you've broken down or stopped temporarily obstruct traffic
        • If you need to slow down or stop due to an accident ahead
    • Stopping at an incident
      • Hazard warning lights on
        • Call emergency services
          • Engines at scene switched off
      • A vehicle carrying dangerous goods will display an orange label or a hazard warning plate on the back


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