In Paris with you

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  • In Paris With you
    • Personal Response
      • How would you describe the narrators mood at the beginning of the poem, and at the end? He was resentful and hadn't yet got over his previous love but by the end he isn't and is falling for this other girl who he lusts for
      • Why do you think the word Paris is repeated so often? To emphasis that they are in the city of love yet ironic as its not very romantic
      • What is the effect of humour in the poem? Do you think that the poem is more funny or sad? Humour is used to show that he is being cheeky and pathetic and i think it's more sad as he complains for most of it and its not until the end that its funny
      • Would it change what you thought of the poem if the narrator was a woman rather than a man? Yes because i don't think a woman would use humour in the same way, it would be less sad and more cheeky.
    • Feelings and attitudes
      • Self pity- he start the poem very focused on his own misery
      • Bitterness- he's very resentful about the breakdown of his previous relationship
      • Humour- he's self-pitying, but the puns and unexpected rhymes suggest humour
      • Lust- he makes his intentions very clear
    • About
      • The narrator is upset about his love. He sees himself as a victim after the break up. He's gone to Paris with someone else but is still unhappy and discontented. He doesn't want to go out, just stay in the hotel.
    • Comparison
      • To his coy mistress/ Sister Maude/ Born yesterday/ Ghazal/ Brothers/ Sonnet 43/ Hour


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