Poetry- In Paris with You

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  • In Paris with You
    • Structure
      • The poem has four stanzas of five or six lines, with a longer stanza of nine lines in which the mood of the poem changes.
      • Refrain
        • Repetition of "I'm in Paris with you"
          • suggests that the speaker is focusing on the present
      • Conversationaform
        • "We"
          • suggests he is answering her question of, where they are bound. However he is speaking mockingly, this suggests that there is not and never will be a we.
        • "Yes" as though he has been asked a question, shows he is answering something and allows us to see further into his character, almost like a dramatic monologue.
    • Language
      • "Maroonded" or "talking wounded"
        • word play on marooned and walking wounded
          • suggests that the speaker could be drunk due to "downing a drink or two"
            • Therefore we imagine him as bitter from the hurt that his last relationship may have caused him, and see that perhaps he has to drink to forget the pain that came with his last relationship.
      • Uncertainty of the word "you"
        • we don't know who the narrator is referring to, this is effective because it could suggest that the narrator has been hurt by numerous people and we are left guessing who this one is
      • "Bamboozled"
        • He has been fooled or cheated by another woman, we are unsure of how.
          • This is effective because we begin to see the narrator as more of a victim and feel as though his actions are understandable due to what he's been through


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