Illegal contracts

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  • illegal contracts
    • 'It is a principle of public policy that no court will lend its aid to man who found his cause of action upon an immoral or illegal act'.
      • Holman v Johnson
    • Contracts which commit a crime or tort
      • Foster v Driscoll
    • Contracts liable to corrupt public life or to interfere with justice
      • e..g bribery of a public official
      • Parkinson v College of Ambulance
    • Contracts tainted with sexual immorality
      • Pearce v Brooks
    • Contracts to oust the jurisdiction of the courts
      • Scott v Avery
    • Contracts in restraint of trade
      • This restricts a person freedom to trade or work as he wishes
      • However if its reasonable to do so, the contract will not be void.


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