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  • ICT
    • processing
      • CPU - executes programs using the fetch-decode-execute cycle
      • Memory - stores program operations and data while a program is being executed. There are several types of memory, including: registers, cache, RAM and virtual memory.
      • Storage - stores programs and files long term, even when they are not in use. Devices such ashard drives, USB memory sticks or SD cards are used to store files such as photos, music and software applications long term.
    • measuring performance
      • CPU, memory and bus speeds will all affect the overall speed of a computer. If one is significantly slower, then it will slow down the others.
      • Benchmarking is a test used to assess the performance of a computer. Different types of benchmark software are used for the different kinds of application you might want a computer to do.
      • It is difficult to assess the performance of a CPU because a computer might excel at some tasks but not do so well at others. For example, a computer that is going to be used for gaming will require the best combination of hardware to handle intensive graphics quickly.


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