Hurricane Katrina

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  • Hurricane Katrina
    • Economic Impacts
      • Oil rigs were damaged and this caused petrol prices to rise around the world
      • Thousands of businesses destroyed
      • 230,000 jobs lost
      • Hotels and tourist facilities were destroyed
      • Infrastructure was destroyed and cost a lot to replace
      • Cost the US government billions of dollars
    • Environmental Impacts
      • Coastal habitats were destroyed
      • Water supplies were polluted with sewage and chemicals
      • Farmland ruined by saltwater
      • 1.3 million acres of trees were lost
      • Toxic chemicals released due to damage
    • Human Impacts
      • Water diseases spread rapidly
      • Telecommuni-cations failed
      • 3 million people were without electricity for a week
      • tens of thousands of people made homeless
      • Jobs were lost
      • 705 people missing
    • Short term responces
      • New Orleans Super dome used as an evacuation point
      • EU provided blankets, medical kits, water and food
      • Coast Guard rescued 33,000 people
      • Half of the American states were providing shelter for evacuees
      • FEMA payed for temporary hotel housing for 12,000 households.
        • Housing assistance for 700,000 households
    • Long term responses
      • Floodgates being built, will be finished it 2013
      • Levees around Lake Ponchatrain strengthened to prevent storm surge flooding from future hurricanes
    • Predictions and Preparations
      • National Hurricane Center tracked it and warned of its approach
      • Mayor issued a warning
      • US Coastguard called up reserve members
      • 1.2 million were ordered to evacuate
      • Devastating damage predicited
      • President declared emergency on 27th
      • 80% evacuated, but a poorer 20% left behind
        • 100,000 people left behind
        • Some couldn't afford to leave or had nowhere else to go
        • Some didn't think the hurricane would cause as much damage as it did


Mr A Gibson


Here you have the start of an MEDC case study for a hurricane. You will need to add some facts and fugures but doing this research is a good thing for cementing your knowledge and understanding.



can we have a simple version of this 



this is simple this is really helpful and good thing is that it isn't blocked I my school

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