House of Lords 

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  • House of Lords
    • Powers
      • Salisbury convention
        • from the 1940's its an unwritten rule that the HoL cant obstruct a proposal that was in the govts manifesto
      • Amendments to legislaton
        • Proposed in lords but has to be approved by house of commons. Legislative ping pong is when they do it repeatedly to get something passed
      • Delay Bills
        • Can delay a bill for 1 year to show parliament they should re consider. they tried to do this with the fox hunting ban
    • The political make up is different to the HoC as they respect their un-elected so lack of democratic legitimacy
    • Members
    • Types of lords
      • Life peer for any party or crossbench (no party ties) nominated by pm and other party leader
      • Lord spiritual 26 bishops and archbisops of church of england
      • Hereditary peers 92, when a hereditary peer dies there successor has to be elected in by a party leader


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