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  • Homeostasis
    • Maintenance of a constant internal environment
    • Constant levels are gained by negative feedback
      • The pancreas releases two hormones to act on the liver
        • Insulin
          • Lowers blood sugar levels
          • Released when chemoreceptors detect high glucose levels
          • Usually after a meal
          • Glucose taken up by the liver and converted into glycogen for storage
          • Inhibits glucagon
          • Untitled
            • Deficiency= type 1 diabetes
              • Can be treated by
                • Injecting insulin after meals
                • Careful dieting
        • Glucagon
          • Increases blood glucose levels
          • Released when drop in glucose levels detected
          • Liver converts glycogen to glucose and releases it into the blood
          • Inhibits insulin production
          • Deficiency= type 2 diabetes
            • Can be treated by
      • Maintenance of water levels in the blood and body tissues
      • Regulated by kidneys
      • Controlled by the hormone ADH
      • Lost in urine
      • Heat lost by
        • Sweating (evapouration)
        • Hairs lying flat
        • Movement of blood to skin surface
      • Heat retained by
        • Stopping sweating
        • Shivering
        • Raising hairs(insulation)
        • Movement of blood away from skin surface (vasoconstriction)


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