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  • Homeostasis
    • What is Homeostasis?
      • Homeostasis is the regulation of conditions within the body and cells.
        • what does it do?
          • it maintains the stable environment within your body in response to external and internal changes.
        • Why ?
          • the conditions within your body all perform a specific function.
            • if the conditions inside your body are not kept steady cells and enzymes cannot perform their function.
    • What does Homeostasis control and regulate?
      • Within our bodies we have many automatic control systems that each have a specific function.
      • All automatic control systems are made up of three main components.
        • receptors
        • coordination centres, including the brain, spinal cord and pancreas.
        • Effectors
    • Negative feedback
      • What is negative feedback?
      • What body parts or systems are involved?
        • If conditions are too high?
          • receptor
            • the receptor detects a stimulus - the level is too high.
          • coordination centre
            • the coordination centre, receives the information from the receptors and organises a response.
          • effector
            • Effector produces a response, this counteracts the change and restores it to the optimum level- the level decreases.
        • If conditions are too low?
          • receptor
            • Receptor detects a stimulus ( change in environment)- level is too low.
          • coordination centre
            • The coordination receives and processes information from the receptor and organises a response.
          • Effector
            • The effector produces a response, this counteracts the change and levels return to optimum- the level increases.
            • The effectors will continue to produce a response for as long as they are stimulated by the coordination centre.
              • Issues with this?
                • this might cause the opposite reaction to occur.
                • How are issues resolved?
                  • the receptor will detect if the levels become too different and negative feedback restarts.


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