Hirschi's control theory

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  • Hirschi's control theory
    • Social Bonds theory
      • Focuses on why most people do not commit crime
      • We all have the potential to commit crime but we have social bonds that prevent us from doing so. If these bonds are broken or weakened, then crime may be the outcome
    • Four social bonds
      • Belief
        • Right and wrong. Morals. The need for obedience for the law
      • Commitment
        • Committed to activities such as working, education, raising a family, means conformity. They have no wish to risk this through crime
      • Involvement
        • Kept busy through sports teams, social clubs, school activities. Meaning they have no time or opportunity to commit crime
      • Attachment
        • People are attached to those around them. Family, friends, community. They are sensitive and interested in their needs and wishes
    • Evaluation
      • Doesn't explain the variety of crime and deviance
      • Doesn't explain white collar crime
      • Recognises the importance of socialisation


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